Completion of Bari port facilities

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The completion of the port facilities in Bari, in the Pizzoli-Marisabella area, requires the execution of geological surveys in the areas involved in the dredging operations.

The activity Terra S.r.l. will provide during may-july 2013, consist in:

  • 43 vertical coring (from 10m to 5m of length), for a total drilling length of 327 meters, to be executed possibly with wire-line technique
  • SPT tests performed with sediment thicknesses greater than 1.50 m
  • detailed stratigraphic description for each survey with information on core lithology, joint frequency, tilt, RQD index, opening, joint surfaces degree of alteration, presence and nature of fill material
  • collection of undisturbed samples, from 2 to 4 per borehole in function of the length of the same, for a total of 133 samples
  • point load test on extracted cores
  • visual investigations in each borehole through optical televiewer OPTV

Seismic profiles using reflection seismology were carried out dredging area to obtain information about morphology and stratigraphy of the seabed.