Geostructural survey with OPTV at Rio Forca Dam (PT)

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ENEL Produzione S.p.A.- Roma

The geomechanical survey with optical televiewer in 2 boreholes belongs to the activities planned for the Rio Forca dam hydraulic and structural adaptation to standards. The dam is located in San Marcello Pistoia (PT) near Lizzano town.

We specifically provide for:

  • color photographic documentation of the entire borehole section detected, expanded up to 360° with an indication of the orientation
  • traces of discontinuities detected along the borehole axis in the N-S sections
  • overview table with information relating to the orientation, the type, the opening, the trace shape and the degree of alteration of all the discontinuities detected
  • fracture density diagram, expressed as the number of fractures per meter of borehole
  • Schmidt equal-area projection of discontinuity poles recorded for each borehole homogeneous section
  • Schmidt equal-area projection of isodensity areas for each borehole homogeneous section
  • table containing average values of orientation, type and opening data for the identified discontinuity systems
  • evaluation of Bieniawski RMR for the rock mass classification